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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  March 18, 2013 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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that -- village that wants to fix it by banning apros apostros on signs. this is just dumbing down of the english language. annot for it. recyst in the council. resist. send me funny signs with misspellings. i love those. >> bob, you are up. >> bob: back in the day, since i was around to cover most all the inaugust rations, for example, going back to abraham lincoln, the second one, there is something absurd about the ncaa. that is the college athletes who are supposed to be going to school. and sports is part of their life at school. but you know that virtually nobody who will go in the n.b.a. draft this year will have gotp out of college?
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i don't think anybody in the last two or three drafts graduated from college. maybe i'm wrong, maybe one or two. when you look at the facts here, ten freshmen apply for the draft this year. ten out of 48 collegiate players. that is just absolutely absur absurd. >> dana: isn't it better than wasting the school's time? >> bob: i think it's waste of the kids' time myself. >> kimberly: this is a sad story. but, you know, the poor girl scouts. there is two oregon troops of girl scouts and they were excited because they thought they got an awesome order but they were duped. somebody tricked them. very sad, actually. >> bob: it was greg. >> greg: yes. >> kimberly: so what happens is they thought it was $24,000 worth of cookies. they are like that is amazing. they ordered the cookies and there was nobody to buy them. they called the company and the company is like listen, we have no idea what you are talking about. they did emergency sale and sold half of them.
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this is in oregon. >> dana: do we know anybody who could buy those cookies? you know, for the children? >> eric: i want to buy some of those cookies. we got to go. that's it for "the five." see you tomorrow, everybody. >> bret: one european country considers confiscating portions of individual savings accounts to pay its bills. could that ever happen here? this is "special report." ♪ ♪ >> bret: good evening. i'm bret baier. the tiny european island of cyprus a move that has -- considering a move with major implications all over the world. officials want to tax a percentage of every individual savings account and they would reach in the account and take the money. as you can imagine, the reaction has been fierce. senior foreign affairs correspondent greg greg palkot
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has the story tonight from london. >> the mediterranean island nation of cyprus is small but it rocks the global markets, including the u.s. because it's going to do the unthinkable. fund a near bankrupt government. at least the solution we went for is for sure not the one we would have liked. but under the circumstances, it was the least painful one. >> exchange for a bail-out from the european union and imf, cyprus wants a so-called tax of around 10% on account of $130,000 and over and 7% for the rest. exposure to invest in the greece and lax banking regulations are to blame. attracting foreign investors including russians. brussels and germany are seen by cypriates as the villain. >> we don't want germany here. we don't want them to help them at all. >> all of this is causing a run on banks in cyprus. banks are closed until thursday. >> i am planning to go to the bank to withdrawal all the money i have in there.
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have nothing left in there. i can't trust them anymore. >> among t fear among many this approach could be used to back bail-out in other european countries causing a stampede on banks across europe and beyond. >> it raises the possibility of a bank run, which given that we are in the middle of a financial crisis is not, is the last thing we want to have had happened. yet it's happened. >> the fdic ensures deposits in american banks. between that congress and the supreme court, experts say a move is virtually impossible in the states. white house says it is monitoring the situation. >> i believe it's very important for europe to take steps necessary as they have been to both grow and deal with the sovereign debt issues. >> there is late word tonight a final bail-out plan could give small depositors if cyprus more of a break. that plan to beto be approved and the banks have to be reopened.
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global markets looking on, most were down. >> as greg mentioned, wall street did not like the idea at all. the dow dropped 62. the s&p 500 lost nine. nasdaq fell 11. unemployment rate went up in half the united states in january. the labor department says they were unchanged in 17 states. fell in just 8. as we have seen, president obama does not often play it safe in the cabinet nominations. at least the second time around. today he picked a justice department official who according to an inspector general report may have been less than forthcoming, about a controversial case mixing race, voting right, intimidation and politics. james rosen is in the white house. >> to lead this in the sustained unemployment, president obama nominated tom perez. >> he has fought to open pathway in workforce for
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everyone willing to contribute, including those with disabilities, lgbt americans and immigrants. he has helped settle the largest cases ever on behalf of families targeted by unfair mortgage lending. >> the son was a staff lawyer to kennedy and labor secretary for maryland. >> i'm confident that together, the business community, republicans, democrats, independents the like we can keep making progress for all the working families. >> some business leader like miller and long, the mid-atlantic largest employment structure voiced fear that perez would act as the labor prosecutor and chief. >> i don't think we look at someone with a vast set of experiences in the enterprise. he has been a lawyer or a government employee. those folks never really work out very well for understanding what we do for a living. >> republican senator david leland vittervitter vows to blo.
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and last week, the inspeckor general reported that the civil rights tuition has been plagued before and in the tenure for the polarization and mistrust. the key issue is the testimony before -- before the committee that listened to voter intimidation case. we did not find that perez intentionally misled the commission, the report stated but added that perez's testimony did not reflect the story regarding the involvement of political appoint tees. >> the inspector jep reported that mr. perez has take an number of steps to foster a more collegial work place. >> he fended off questions why barack obama the first african-american president has not named african-americans to his cabinet for his second term. carney replies that the cabinet is unfilled so far and the president is committed to diversity. >> bret: rosen live on the north lawn. thank you.
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there may be trouble ahead for the president's choice to run the environmental protection agency. correspondent doug mckelway tells us why. >> the epa's release last friday of 2,000 more e-mails from former epa administration lisa jackson alias richard windsor account falls short of what a court ordered them to produce. >> they are withholding accounapproximately 900 of thosn full each time. those they release they black out often in their entirety. >> critics scour if te mail for any information on gena mccarthy, the new pick to head the epa. she wrote new standards that require 39 miles per gallon and she crafted clean air rules to end new coal fired plants. regulation in common months would set standard for the existing generating plants regardless of fuel type. >> the fear is they will do exactly the same thing for existing plants, which would shut every coal plant around the country down.
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>> four democratic senators today echoed the concerns, writing the white house, "epa's choice to hold coal and gas to the same emission standard is unprecedented under the clean air act." mccarthy has been praised by the environmentalist and political opponents. >> gena mccarthy has a well-established reputation for working closely with people on both sides of the aisle. >> that reputation is fraying, not only because of the redacted e-mails. march 4, two members said epa refused to make public basic scientific data underlying all the agency claim to benefit from the clean air act rules. >> we are still waiting after a year-and-a-half for her to give us that information. >> mccarthy is set to meet with senator viter. and the answer to the questions may help republicans decide how vigorously to fight the nomination. >> bret: thanks. congressional lawmakers and state attorney general are reportedly urging the director
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to fire the director of the housing agency. edward demarco has refused to implement a plant to reduce principle on underwater mortgages and demarco is said to be concerned exposing taxpayers to lawsuits. they are calling the syrian rocket fire to lebanon escalation of the conflict the region. state is confirming news reports tonight regime jets and helicopters fired rockets to northern lebanon. the u.s. says it constitutes unacceptable violation of the lebanese sovereignty. president obama chief spokesman says he does not know if the president has spoken to or visited with any of the survivors of last september's terror attack in benghazi, libya. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has the latest. good evening. >> three days after the benghazi terrorist attack, president obama promised the sacrifice of four dead americans would never be forgotten. today, if the president personally met with the benghazi survivors the white
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house spokesman could not provide a direct answer. >> do your knowledge, has president obama made an effort to meet with or speak with the benghazi survivors himself? >> you know, we don't talk about specifics in terms of the president's visits to walter reid. i can -- >> or elsewhere? >> i don't have anything for you on that. i don't know the answer to the question. >> interview with fox rosen, john kerry confirmed he injurevisited injured employee o was still recovering. asked if hillary clinton had done the same, the question was deflected. >> do you have more information to provide to us about that, whether congress is able to -- naud secretary clinton. >> secretary kerry? >> they haven't met with her as well. >> there has been misrepor misreporting. >> republicans in the house and senate say they are waiting to hear if the state department and the c.i.a. will make the benghazi survivors available to connial
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investigators. bret? >> bret: thank you. >> you're welcome. >> bret: ifing the story. try -- we're following the story. we welcome the survivors on "special report." america's veterans are getting short-changed to the tune of billions. that is later in the grapevine. up next, moving the military chess pieces around the board is bound to leave some unhapp unhappy. hey, our salads. [ bop ] [ bop ] [ bop ] you can do that all you want, i don't like v8 juice. [ male announcer ] how about v8 v-fusion. a full serving of vegetables, a full serving of fruit. but what you taste is the fruit. so even you... could've had a v8. [ slap! ] [ male announcer ] your favorite foods fighting you? fight back fast with tums. calcium-rich tums starts working so fast you'll forget you h heartburn. ♪ tum tum tum tum tums
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are now powering some of america's biggest cities. siemens. answers. >> bret: the u.s. wants to beef up its missile defense systems against north korea which recently threatened to launch a nuclear strike. national security correspondent jennifer griffin explains it may come as an expense of an important ally. >> the pentagon announced it was beefing up the missile defense of the united states, adding 14 ground-based interceptors in alaska and california, it also announced it would eliminate phase four of the european missile defense shield, advanced
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interceptors slated for poland. >> you no longer intend to add aod them to the mix but will continue to have the same number of deployed intercepto interceptors that will provide coverage for all of europe. >> the europeans will see no difference in their ballistic missile defense. >> eliminating the europe missile defense has been a key demand by russia. president obama hinted to then russian president dmitry medvedev about his plans to compromise after the u.s. election. >> after my election i'll have more flexibility. >> as in putin. the pentagon is scrapping phase four of the european missile defense. the sm-3 block missile interceptors to stop intercontinental ballistic missiles or icbms like the ones iran is attempting to build. the pentagon said the decision has nothing to do with russia. >> let me emphasize the strong and continued commitment of the united states to nato
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missile defense. that commitment remains ironclad. >> we lost a bargainship, serious one i believe. >> others say the stage four were never viable and wouldn't be ready soon enough. >> the military implication of not developing phase four is not that great. the existing program is probably good enough. >> initial reaction from russia suggests their leaders do not feel "appeased." russia deputy foreign minister said this is not a concession to russia and we don't see it as such. >> bret: jennifer griffin at the pentagon. thank you. iran says it has launched domestically built destroyer in the caspian sea. this is video from iranian state tv. the vessel is said to have surface to air missiles, sophisticated radar and communications. ♪ ♪ ten
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>> ten years after the invasion of iraq, most americans believe the war there was a mistake. that is the conclusion after a new gallup series. rick leventhal begips a four part look back at the war. up first, the man leading the initial charge. >> on the eve of war in the northern kuwaiti desert, stacy clairty briefs marines about to see combat for the first time. the third l.a.r. was tip of the spear, probing iraq defenses and firing the first shots on the ground. [ fire ] >> they will light up on the hill and all the top will be on fire. >> clairity led 1,000 men north, pushing to baghdad , protexting fellow forces all the way. >> we're doing fine. we are kicking arss and taking names. >> weeks in the conflict, they track down and rescued seven american p.o.w.s, including specialist johnson. >> i grab the handles of the back handles on this opened
3:19 pm
them up and seven americans in pajamas fell on top of me and grabbed me and started hugging me. >> what did i weigh? >> 545 -- 45 pounds. >> he went back to iraq in 2007. >> i got here in january this was dangerous place in iraq and the most dangerous place in the world. now it's not. >> today, i ask him about the criticism of 2003. >> i think we left iraq better than we found it. i'm proud of that. iraqis are in control of their destiny. that was not true at the time. they have been able to take what we have given them and they can determine where they want to go to the future. that wasn't true under saddam hussein. >> do you have any regrets? >> the only regrets i have we weren't able to bring
3:20 pm
everybody home. >> soon, the general and his family will pack again. he has been promoted to two stars, assigned to command the entire third division in okinawa, japan. >> i think i owe something. it owe something to the country. it owe something to the corps and i owe something to marines and sailors i served with. >> he didn't want to address the politics of the war, whether america was gistfied invading iraq. he said he was given a mission, he had a job to do and got it done. >> bret: thank you, rick. look forward to the next three pieces. still ahead could you have to prove you are a citizen in order to vote? first, does the republican party need an extreme makeover?
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>> the head of the republican party is pushing $10 million outreach to minority groups, including gays. reince priebus wants to make the g.o.p. more incollusive. the translation, he wants to win elections after looking at new surveys about the last one. chief political correspondent carl cameron has the plan. >> our message was weak. our ground game was inefficient. we weren't inclusive. >> the g.o.p. conducted 52,000 interviews and another 32,000 surveys with voters and activists, nicknameed the findings a autopsy. >> focus group describe our party, as narrow minded. out of touch. and stuffy old men. >> minorities and women on the republican national committee led the study. >> if hispanics think we don't want them, here they will close their ears to the policies. >> the rnc as expected recommends comprehensive
3:25 pm
immigration reform, with a path to illegal status on 11 million aliens here. despite the warning from the political action conference. >> if amnesty goes through, america becomes california and no republican will win another national election. >> the study contends that perception of the g.o.p. are so bad they will never win back the white house without more inclusive policies in general. >> we need to make sure that young people don't see the party as intolerant and unaccepting of alternative point of view. already there is a jep rational difference -- generational difference between the conservative movement about issues that involve the treatment and the rights of gays. >> mitt romney lost by 11% among women voters. the gender gap is growing, too. >> we have to communicate with women voters and represent unique concerns that female voters may have. >> the 97-page action plan calls for revitalized field organizing of the grass roots. mod earnization of technology with headquarters in silicon
3:26 pm
valley and shorter primary calendar. fewer debates and an earlier convention. >> we know we have problems. we identified them. we are implementing the solutions to fix them. >> but to implement any primary changes, the rnc needs the cooperation of states and democrats. and the rnc embrace of comprehensive immigration reform is reopening the g.o.p. riffs over amnesty. they are moving forward but it's not without growing pains. >> bret: more on this with the panel. thank you. while the g.o.p. talks rebranding, president obama has been making adjustments, too. the white house says the president's recent outreach to republicans, which many reporters and columnist branded with a cern name continues. >> is the charm offensive over? >> absolutely not. the president will continue to engage. i mean the president will continue to engage with members of congress. the fact of the matter is there are republicans who go along with the notion supported by the vast majority
3:27 pm
of the american people, including the majority of self-identified republicans that we can move forward on deficit reduction in a balanced way. >> bret: senior political analyst brit hume in miami tonight with thoughts on the charm offensive. good evening, you look sun-shiney in miami. >> life is good here, bret. you should come. i hope you will be here soon. >> bret:ly indeed. what do you think of the charm offensive? >> well, it was a remarkably sudden conversion by the president from an attitude of, you know, up yours. i don't need you, to i want to get together to talk with all of you. of course, the leaders in the, the republican leaders in congress who are smart enough not to act skeptical about it. they said they thought it was fine and good. more the better. but i think in the end, you have to ask a question, bret. simply this. is it likely that president obama will make any major concessions on the entitlement programs, without more new
3:28 pm
taxes? and the other side of that, of course, will republicans be willing to go along with more new taxes to get reform in entitlement programs. unless you can answer yes to one of those questions or both of them. the chances of a deal in the end of any size seem to be remote. despite all the atmospherics that we are seeing now. >> bret: boy, you hear the republicans coming out of the meetings. many of them who haven't talked to the president really for a few minutes over their time of recent years, they seem optimistic. >> bret: if i were a republican politician, i would be careful to seem optimistic as well. >> the president is a popular figure personally. even if his job approval numbers have diminished noticeably lately. it won't do politically for these republicans to seem in any way to be spurning his advances. so whether they really buy in
3:29 pm
to this or not, they're wise not to act as if they are taking it seriously. that is what they so far has done. it was notable to hear both the speaker and the minority leader of the senate say, you know, even though they were not included, this is good with us. wish they would do more. glad to see him talk to republicans and so forth. republicans would be wise to be wary, though, because i think what the president thought he could do, before the sequester controversy was to have it happen and blame the republicans. when that didn't work, he changed his tune. that doesn't mean he won't try it again on this. >> bret: brit, as always. great to have you on the show. thank you for making time for us. >> you bet, bret. thank you. >> bret: march madness begins but how much is it going to cost? you will not believe how much bad bookkeeping costs at the veterans administration. [ jackie ] its just so frustrating... ♪ the middle of this special moment
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>> bret: now fresh pickings from the political grapevine. the department of veteran affairs paid out $2.2 billion in mistaken benefit last year, leaving deserving vets to wait longer to get help. the v.a. inspector general find the payment error rate jumped 25% in 2012. the agency blames a decentralized antiquated accounting system for the mistakes. the v.a. has been unable to reduce a backlog of claims. 68% of veterans fined for
3:34 pm
disability have the claims pending for longer than 125 days. the ncaa basketball tournament begips this week. work-place activity and pro activity has taken a hit thanks to filling out the brackets. survey by teen viewer finds 74 president of americans say they admit they will be distracted from the work because of the ncaa tourney. challenger gray and christmas that comes out with a report on this subject every year estimates 3 million people will watch or follow the games between 1 and 3 hours in the thursday and friday contest. that amounts to employers losing $134 million in productivity over that particular period. but your boss isn't the only one taking the hit. estimates $12 billion will be spent on gambling. $3 billion with a "b" of which will go to office pools. grapevine recommends filling out your bracket before the morning meeting.
3:35 pm
finally, not so funny joke on some oregon girl scouts. someone placed an order for $24,000 worth of cookies for a company that did not exist. that left the girl scouts holding 6,000 boxes of cookies with little hope to raise money they need to attend summer camp. so the good folks of portland stepped in. huge crowds waited in line for hours to buy the cookies this weekend. 3,000 boxes were sold saturday alone. there will be another sale next saturday. supreme court justices are considering whether people in arizona should have to prove they are citizens before they begin the voting process. correspondent shannon bream recaps today's arguments. >> today marked yet another supreme court showdown between arizona and the obama administration. this time, over the state requirement that those who seek to register to vote provide proof of u.s. citizenship. arizona registration form
3:36 pm
requires more proof than the simpler federal form. on which applicants check a box, ind kateing u.s. citizen think, sign attesting to that fact and drop it in the mail. arizona argues that it doesn't conflict with the federal form but serves as an additional barrier against voting by non-u.s. citizens. >> if somebody is willing to fraudulently vote that person would be willing to sign fals falsely. so the signature doesn't mean anything. we need evidence that the person is a citizen. >> justice scalia sounded skeptical of the streamlined federal form. "check off, i am a citizen, right? so it's under oath. big deal. if you are willing to violate the voting laws i suppose you're willing to violate the perjury laws." despite issue the arizona officials say they are facing justices like ruth bader ginsberg said there are statutes saying they must accept and use the federal form period. that is the end of it. the obama administration is not an official party the case. the court permitted it to
3:37 pm
argue a portion of case against arizona today. critics of the arizona measure say they are feeling optimistic. >> federal law override this provision. we are confident today based on the argument in the supreme court. that the court will rule in our favor. >> retired justice and arizona native sandra day to connor was in court. cig nant because she sit -- significant because she sits on the understaffed court and on the panel that overturned the arizona registration requirement in 2010. a it the supreme court, shannon bream. fox news. >> bret: cyprus may confiscate money from individual savings accounts to pay its bills. we will talk about the global ramifications when the fox all-stars join me after the break. not what you think. it's a phoenix with 4 wheels. it's a hawk with night vision goggles. it's marching to the beat of a different drum. and where beauty
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>> translator: this solution is certainly not the one what we would have wanted but it's
3:41 pm
at least painful under the circumstances. because above all it leads the operation of the country in our hands. >> maybe we get sensitive some other country. spain and so on. so the solution of the european union. they have to maybe to make second thoughts. >> we thought that we disagree and it's a gross violation of the property rights from every cypriate. this is something that will happen for other european country. all over countries, all their money in every bank is not safe. >> bret: well, mediterranean island of cyprus, we don't talk about it a lot. there are only 1.2 million people there. what they are planning on doing or thinking about doing is really raising eyebrows around the world. in exchange for a bail-out from the e.u. and imf, cyprus is looking to impose a so-called tax. in other words, take money from bank depositors. 10% from those over $130,000.
3:42 pm
7% the rest. take it out of the account. syndicated with tannehill and columnist charles krauthammer. charles? >> this is a shocking step. normally a tax is an attacks on the activity so you have control over how much you will pay. how much do you indulge in the activity? this is the tax on existence of your money. it's confiscation. banks are closed so no way to remove your money. it will be taken away. normally that would be shocking to the whole system and it would cause other people in other countries, still might, to worry about their deposits and move money immediately. to more secure accounts and country unlikely to effectuate confiscation like germany or france or united states.
3:43 pm
in cyprus, they don't have bondholders. in other countries, thebacks collapse you take money from those who own the bonds. the reason they don't do it in cyprus, the banks don't have that so they steal from the depositors. that is a long explanation, i'm not sure will have an effect on the rest of europe. if i held an account in italy or spain i would be out of there in a minute. >> bret: juan, vote is tomorrow but it's pointing to the approval of it. >> i think willie sutton said, "i rob banks because that's where the money is." charles talk about normally you look at a tax on activities.
3:44 pm
manufacturing and financial activitiles but in this case, the banks have holdings eight times the size of the economy of cyprus. >> bret: russians have $30 billion. >> right. a quarter of it are russians. they say we will tax people who live here but have money deposited here, stashed here to protect it from russia and they see it as an easy out. easy way to get money to satisfy the imf. in response to the imf making an effort to bail them out. that is why he said this is the best solution for us. we saw individuals on tape saying gosh, you know, violation of my property rights, et cetera. those are small time players in the large game. >> bret: but still getting money out of their account. >> they are. >> there is discussion of shifting that to the wealthier. depositors, in cyprus. this is all about russia.
3:45 pm
german secret service did a study not long ago that looked at the kind of deposits that were made in the cypriate banks from the russians in particular and concluded a lot of it was dirty money. germans don't want their taxpayers to be funding risky bets from russian alagarks. with an election in germany they don't want to answer to the taxpayers for this. steve hankie from the cato institute had a chart where he looked at the deposits in cypriate banks from june of 2010. longer study. in june of 2010, europeans accounted for 60 billion in euros and today it's 18 billion in deposits. russians increased from $20 billion to 30 billion today. dramatic change. if you look at the chart it is mark stark. who is making the deposits. europeans don't want to be financed in what they are up
3:46 pm
to. >> bret: let me interrupt you. put up the map to show where cyprus is. russian energy companies the biggest of them all is offering to bail out cyprus in exchange for gas exploration rights, according to the media there. they put out a statement saying they are happy to do the bail-out. a very rich company. of course, it's in russia's interest to make the pitch. the gas discovers, natural gas and the fields underneath the eastern mediterranean sea are said to be huge. 120 trillion cubic feet of recoverable natural gas. 20 billion-barrels of oil. equal to that, or 20 times the inventory of our petroleum reserve. >> which makes this confiscation all the more ridiculous. number one, if you are aiming for the russian aladarks you don't tax deposits under i think it's $13,000, that is not going to hit them. it will hit tradesman in
3:47 pm
cyprus, number one. second, if you think you can cleverly take the money away from people who are semily russian gangsters, without some kind of let's say retaliation of some sort, russia is now essentially saying to cyprus instead of tale stealing our money, can you give us your gas about you have k have it. russia would ownsy produce and a huge snake mediterranean, strategic and economic advantage. if this is what the germans were thinking, clever way to siphon and money out of russia to europe. it will have the opposite effect. it will put russia in the heart of the energy sector. in eastern southern europe. >> i sold say the two fields near cyprus contain $24 trillion cubic feet of gas, it's estimated. juan, a lot of people ask when we talk about the panel, whether this could potential ever happen here. they just ask the question.
3:48 pm
>> it doesn't apply. if you want to look at taxation on activity, that's why conservative americans get upset about. why are you raising taxes and deter people engaging in more of the economic generating, job generating activity? >> last word. >> charles earlier and juan now made case for consumption based pace. so taxpayers have the opportunity to determine how much tax they are paying based on the activities. income tax is not the same as what we are seeing in cyprus but not far different. >> bret: the panel endorsing consumption tax? is that what i'm hearing? >> you heard the doctor endorse that. >> taxing russians only. [ laughter ] >> bret: next up, the g.o.p. extreme makeover. i'm doing my own sleep study.
3:49 pm
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♪ ♪ our message was weak. our ground game was insufficient. we weren't incollusive. we were behind in both data and digital. our primary and debate process needed improvement. >> young voters are increasingly rolling their eyes at what the party represents. >> and many minorities think that republicans don't like them. or don't want them in our country. >> if hispanics think we don't want them, here they will close their ears for policies. >> bret: besides all that, everything is fine in the g.o.p. today, a report out from the head of the g.o.p., the chairman. reince priebus, who said focus group called the party
3:53 pm
narrow-minded, out of touch and stufffy old men and the party of the rich. we are back with the panel. what about this report? what about the report and what does it mean for g.o.p.? >> you have to look at the context of where the report was released an commissioned. the result of the 2012 election. if you read between the line of the report, a lot of what is said here is that in 2012, republicans who had a bad candidate running a bad campaign. that is true. mitt romney was a good man but i don't think he ran a good campaign. he had negative types of the republicans. if you look at the exit polls a number that stands out is the question asked respondents is this somebody who cares about people like me? remember, barack obama had 81% of those who responded to that
3:54 pm
question and mitt romney had 18%. and 20% of the people who responded to that question said it was the most important characteristic. so i think this entire report is basically an effort to answer that question a resolve that. in that sense, it is useful to have this discussion for the republican party. but you have to be careful not to draw too many conclusions based on one year's experience. >> bret: juan, they had 52,000 interviews. 36,000 surveys. they called it an autopsy. the g.o.p. did looking back. what about it? >> without a doubt, the interesting thing for the republicans is the tuition within the party. we saw some of it at the conservative political action conference this weekend. a large segment wants the party to be more conservative. they don't want the party to moderate the views in order to attract people who are, women
3:55 pm
who are pro-abortion or minorities or immigrants who want pathway to citizenship. up with policy recommendation that came from the report today is that there has to be immigration reform that includes a pathway to citize citizenship. there is such tremendous tension within the party. that is the story of the moment. the idea that reince priebus chairman of the rnc is willing to take this on and not sugarcoat is it good news for the party. it suggests that he wants the party to change and respond to ideas net pew and gallup and now from their open poll that they are out of touch and stuffy and old. they got to move beyond it and get fresh. >> bret: charles? >> i'm not sure the word autopsy is the most is a his to us since it -- salisitou
3:56 pm
since it is applied usually to a corpse. >> it's their word. >> i understand. i'm not sure i would have chosen it. i'm not sure the rnc should decide ideology. we had a good debate at the cpac. the outline will be healthy. we have tendency and the new leadership will decide ideological direction of the party. what the rnc has to be looking at is what its job is. the outreach. ground game. managing the financers and the social media. the democrats are ahead. it is establishing a calendar for the primary that isn't destructive and trying. here it doesn't have the power to establish some limit on debate. that 23 debates was a catastrophe for the republicans last time around. >> five of them were really
3:57 pm
well done. >> yeah. >> i like those five. [ laughter ] >> i would recommend striking 18 -- >> bret: finally, priebus says it's frustrating. he said today to be the party of the rich because the g.o.p. wants to lift people from poverty. he said our party can't hire our way forward. we must inspire our way forward. looking for that and date is the challenge. >> candidates matter more than anything. you have different message from the hypothetically marco rubio for president than mitt romney. for all the things that people like about romney few people said he was inspirational. he will have a different message. rapid paul, marco rubio, take your pick. somebody like that is much more inspir rationm than mitt romney was. >> the whole relationship to corporate america has to shift. romney's image is a rich guy, stuffy guy.
3:58 pm
they have to get in touch that you can be critical to corporate america and relate to main stream america. >> we need a good candidate but you need a party that knows how to trun mechanics. that is the job of the rnc. >> that is it for the panel. but stay tuned for new effort of diplomacy with north korea to diffuse some of those threats. to take the next step. today, y will know you did something for your pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is a pain reliever fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain. one non-narcotic pill a day, every day, can helpeduce this pain. tell your doctor right away if your mood worsens, you have unusual changes in mood or behavior or thoughts of suicide. anti-depressants can increase these in children, teens, and young adults. cymbalta inot for children under 18. people taking maois, linezolid or thioridazine or with
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